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The ongoing Wu-Tang saga that involves disagreements from both RZA and Raekwon is a painful one for most rap fans. Seeing two of the Clan’s most visible members clash is just not what Wu-die hards want to see on the post-20th anniversary of 36 Chambers.

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Even though RZA is on a promo run for his new movie Brick Mansions, which also stars Paul Walker, this riff has undoubtedly taken over his interviews. He describes the flick as an “action packed and entertaining” saga about a future drug-lord who rules one of the worst slums in America. The movie — inspired by Dusty, a big street guy from Shaolin — opens this weekend on April 25.

But more on RZA’s response to what Raekwon recently told Rolling Stone. Here’s a power quote from The Chef to fill you in:

“There’s no animosity with me and my brothers. My issue is with fuckin’ management. And whoever sits in that chair, RZA and Devine, that’s they shit that they have to deal with. You’re not going to bury my career with your dumb moves.”

RZA addresses Raekwon’s quote about him being a “bold-faced liar” directly. He actually says Rae is reacting to an older interview that RZA did (17:15 mark). However, RZA says he did talk to Raekwon eight days ago (after not talking in-depth for months) and presented his personal requests to the record company. RZA is also urging his clan to not read the media interviews and to communicate with each other (18:44 mark). He admits that a lack communication is a big issue here.

“Raekwon is very important. When you form Voltron, you need every piece. I want him there and we need him there,” says RZA.” (18:58 mark)

This is just the tip of the iceberg, though. Watch the nearly 40-minute interview below. The Wu-Tang and Raekwon talk starts at around the 15-minute mark.

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