rowdy rebel

Almost a year after being arrested along with numerous members of his GS9 crew, Rowdy Rebel recently jumped on the phone with Tax Season host Taxstone to let the world know how he’s getting on. Despite being locked up in Rikers Island and separated from the rest of his crew, the Brooklyn rapper says he’s keeping in good spirits and has plenty of music on deck, including his Shmoney Keeps Calling mixtape, which drops on Christmas Day. Rowdy also reveals he’s been in touch with Migos, French Montana, Meek Mill and Troy Ave while inside.

As far as his legal situation, Rowdy says his trial begins on January 11 and is hopeful he’ll be out by March or April. “I got a game plan when I come home,” he says. “I’m in attack mode.” Fingers crossed.

Listen to the podcast below…

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