50 cent

ok, I’ve been MIA since last night because I’ve been in technology hell….editing video, waiting for things to transfer, waiting for things to upload, etc. I even missed watching LOST tonite because of work. So, you know I’m downright miserable.
(sidenote: is it just me or is talking on a blackberry bold unbearably hot after about 5 minutes….I love my new phone but it can’t be healthy to get sunburn from your celly)

But finally, I can breathe a bit….well almost….first I’m gonna get these last two Rick Ross v. 50 Cent beef posts out of the way. It was entertaining while it lasted but I’m so over it. Or maybe I just need a break.

This morning, 50 Cent called into my sort-of-long-distance-co-worker Big Boy’s Hot97 morning show to react to the Miss Info Exclusive from last night, The Rick Ross rebuttal.


Key quote: “I have less compassion that the average person”

Truer words were never spoke. *shivers* But at the same time, the guy really seems nice in person. The duality of man, and all that ish.