I’m trying my hardest to not start a whole discussion about what men should and shouldn’t do. I understand the urge in wanting to air someone out who has done you wrong, but there’s a proper way to do so. For Rob Kardashain, he felt Twitter was the best way to let the world know about his break-up with Roc Nation’s Rita Ora. Over the last 24 hours, Kim’s lil’ bro sent out a flurry of tweets calling out the singer for allegedly cheating on him. It doesn’t sound like the worst thing in the world, but his added details were the talk of Twitter today. He claims Rita cheated on him with 20 different guys while they were dating. Things got so crazy today that “Rita Whora” started trending on social media. He erased most of his original tweets but earlier this afternoon, the kid went back at it. I guess its mangina season… Read what he wrote below:

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But first read Info’s gem:

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