(Rihanna celebrates her 10th #1 single at La Esquina after being honored at the 5th Annual DKMS Gala…photo by the homie Pecas, Def Jam big tuna)

On the red carpet at last night’s DKMS gala, Rihanna was asked if Britney Spears had accepted her offer of a (sensual?) spanking. “She didn’t get back to me yet.

But when asked if she’s enjoying being single…Rihanna confirms and assures: “Who doesn’t enjoy being single?

Watch the interview video after the jump

*Update: hmm, why did this fawning reporter replace her original video with this clip that cuts off right before the “single” question? Curious. Well, no matter, here’s the transcription of the important parts….*

(How are you enjoying being a single girl with your fabulous life?)
Who doesn’t enjoy being single?
(What keeps you strong and centered?)
Good friends, good people around you. That’s very important.
(What haven’t you done in your young life?)
I mean there’s so much! I want to take over the world.

Well, if Rihanna is single, I’m sure it’s not for a lack of offers.

(Meanwhile….one of her exes my have moved on to someone new, a very surprising someone new….I’ll try to confirm and share.)

Here’s a short clip of Rihanna at the DKMS podium

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