(Rihanna and her gifted underboob on the latest GQ Magazine)

Another Rihanna album release means a few things…
1) There will be some great new songs, with exciting pedigrees: Like the new song, “Stay” which Rihanna debuted on SNL over the weekend. Our insider tells us the song is co-written by Justin Parker (who wrote on Lana Del Rey’s Born to Die) as well as newcomer Mikky Ekko (more on him later, I’m already a fan).
2) There will be some kind of ridiculous pre-release buildup stunt: Rihanna will do that thing where she performs a bunch of shows all over the world in a few days. Remember when Hov did that 24-hour Kingdom Come tour? Rihanna’s doing 7 shows in 7 cities in 7 days.…because this is her 7th day. And 7 rainforests will die from the 7-hundred foot carbon footprint. jk.
3) Rihanna will re-affirm her claim as the most photogenic woman in pop music: Just like last album, there will be many crazy hot photos of her. Both men and women will be agog at Rihanna’s pearlescent skin and uninhibited raunchy gaze. She will wear some couture, but mostly she will wear nothing at all. This is Rihanna’s never-not-nude season, 2012. And it is “unapologetic.”

Screen Shot 2012-11-08 at 2.08.44 PM
(Rihanna and Kate Moss take turns as each other’s sticky seat cushion for V Magazine)

Rihanna’s hot Victoria’s Secret Show photos…
And a brief timeline of her never-not-nude seasons…
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A brief Rihanna never-not-nude timeline:
2012 Spring: Rihanna’s Steamy ‘Esquire UK’ Spread: Sideboob! Cake! Crack Shot! Again!
2011: Rihanna Frolics in Ireland…Until Farmer Says Put Yer Damn Clothes On!
2011 again: Rihanna Rubbed Dirt All Over Herself For Nothing?: Esquire’s ‘Sexiest Woman Alive’ Winner is…
2009: SexyTime: Rihanna in GQ and at “Hard” shoot (aka those bathroom pics were good practice)
2009 leaked: Exclusive Scoop: Cassie, Rihanna,….guess who’s next?

Even when tying a random sweater around her waist because some network tv censor deaded her thong reveal…Rihanna looks great. Even when trying to play off the fact that she’s picking her nose.

Oh, by the way…my phrase never-not-nude is a play on never-nude, which is from Arrested Development. Not the band, but one of my favorite tv shows ever. Edutain yourself. Here’s a clip:

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