Man, I honestly didn’t predict this one but there’s more than a few clues pointing to Meek Mill and Rihanna’s alleged strip club romp being a true thing. While neither of the two confirmed on Twitter about exactly who they were with, the evidence is in the instagram pics (haha). In both Meek and Rihanna’s strip club photos from last night, the background is exactly the same. Compare what you see in Rihanna’s photo above and Meek’s below and you’ll see what I mean.

Meek even tweeted about being at Perfections in Queens and threw out remixed Rozay lyrics: “U ever made love 2 da woman of ya dreams? Wit a perk up in ya system fuckin all night as til she screaammms!”

For those that are little confused about what he’s saying “perks” are the prescription pain pills, Percocets. Percs and Xanaz (Zans) are as common as smoking weed to Philly heads so don’t get too alarmed. They say you can go all night on those things (I grew up near Philly).

To add a even more juice here, I actually sat next to Rihanna’s bestfriend Melissa on the way back from Barbados on Monday night and distinctly remember her talking to someone about “everyone coming to New York tomorrow for a week.”

Miss Info: So….you know your girl info knows where the bodies are buried…and this might be one of them. But let’s just say, I bet Meek’s birthday this weekend will have a lot of “cake. ; )

Check out more photos of Rihanna and Meek at the strip club after the jump…