Rihanna gives us the first visual off her upcoming sixth solo album, Talk That Talk which is due on November 21. The single, “We Found Love” takes us to Northern Ireland as RiRi gets high on love with boxer-turned-model Dudley O’Shaughnessy. Follow the couple as they heat things up in the Melina-directed video.

MissInfo: I’m completely totally obsessed with this video. I have to admit that there’s been some Rihanna x Melina clips that I’ve found cliche. But this is friggin’ fantastic. I can only imagine that the mad dizzying destructive doomed passion Rihanna and Dudley convey is so convincing because it comes from a real place. Maybe Rihanna’s just one of those people who get punch drunk on love…the kind that burns itself out and everything around it too. Usually the ones who thrive on this are adept at turning the screws to extend the madness as long as possible. This video captures all this in a few minutes. Obviously there are parallels to be made about Rihanna’s real life experience with Chris Brown. But I think it says more about her alone. And as for this Dudley fellow telling the local papers that he doesn’t think he’ll keep seeing Rihanna but would love to visit the US for work….phooey! Is he retard? Their chemistry is so intense, I vote they elope ; ) Don’t go back to that baseball jock! Hackney accents > Midwest accents.

Rihanna’s recent boy choices…after the jump

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After shooting “We Found Love,” Rihanna and sensitive pugilist Dudley hit the London club scene. But when it fizzled, she reunited with ex-boyfriend Matt Kemp, who just happened to be in town? smh…
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