(Rihanna takes the “tube” to Drake’s London concert)

Rihanna is doing promo for her upcoming movie debut….Battleship (yup, the movie based on a boardgame). So why not take the girls to her buddy Drake’s Club Paradise show? (And yes, she and Drake hit the afterparty too) And why not cause a lil’ ruckus by using public transportation…while wearing thigh-high boots and cutoffs? No biggie. I’m still not wild about her wig-like blond ‘do, but other than that….Rihanna’s whole style is boss to me. I’m there with the whole retro London creepers and BOY throwback post-mod-punk look. And even though, NCB and most every other guy I know hates this pointy gel-nail trend that Japanese girls have been rocking for ages…Rihanna’s gold fingers are fly to me. Love? Hate? Check out the gallery below for more photos of Rihanna’s commute and Battleship press conference….

But what about those rumors that Rihanna visited Ashton Kutcher’s house for a middle-of-the-night hang? Well, as random as that hook-up sounds…I have a larger problem with the coverage of her response.
HuffPo says: “Rihanna, Ashton Kutcher: Singer Rips Reporter For Relationship Question

Haha, really? Perhaps we’ve changed the definition of “ripping”…
Watch video of Rihanna’s Ashton answer for yourself…
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Rihanna is asked by a UK reporter if Ashton Kutcher might be visiting her in London…because of the rumor that she went to his house on a late-night creep call.
Hahaa…To her credit, Rihanna does not “rip” into the reporter at all (contrary to sensationalistic headlines). She merely brushes off the question (“Wow, how disappointing was that question.”) and says “I’m happy and I’m single, if that’s what you’re really asking...”
Nope, probably not what homegirl was really asking. But ps…that’s also doesn’t sound like a total denial to me. That says….yo, I’m not locked down so I can visit whoever I want, whenever I want. Cosign that. But I would guess the Ashton visit was more about business, than pleasure.

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