(via @JodyHighRoller)

I almost can’t believe my eyes. My boy Riff Raff just sent over these exclusive photos of his brand new Mad Decent chains. As a signing present, Diplo and his label bought the new signee some over-the-top jewelry. I know a certain soulja is mad right now. haha!

Riff Raff says: “$45,000 3-D Reversible Civil War Dime Denver Mint Diamonds ..14k white gold front smothered in Pink cashmere diamonds Red Rubys and Purple Fluorescent Accent sapphires …. Mad decent side 14k yellow gold with Goldy Hawn margarine diamonds surrunded by polka dot jelly bean emeralds and Aqua Marine teal diamonds … Designed by RiFF RaFF …. Purchased by the New Power House Company Mad Decent”

Check out Raff’s official Mad Decent chain after the jump…

3-d Reversible Piece .. Designed by RiFF RaFF .. White Gold front .. 14k yellow gold back .. Rubys sapphires blue diamonds

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