*And who is the Turtle, and who is the Hare? Ah Ha! : )

The buddies at XXL opine on this week’s sales race. Asher does have one day longer than Rick. Rick has a longer-standing brand and huge features on his album. Asher has that much-coveted young mass audience (see the frenzy at his MTV spring break appearances). Hmmm.

Unrelated/related: I heard a kind of strange rumor about one of these guys’ label in the middle of the night, after I left the Asher Roth release party (which was very Lambda Kappa Psi, in a good way, except for the door guy….”Miss Info? You work for Hot97? What do you do there? Hmm. Fine, you can go in.” lol). Movement there, but I’m not sure why, especially given the success that their new project is having right now. hmmm.