Like his street anthem, Rick Ross isn’t holding back. In part two of his on-air interview with 99 Jamz’ Felisha Monet, Rozay opens up for the first-time on his run-in with Young Jeezy backstage at this year’s BET Hip-Hop Awards. Along with breaking down the heavy security and law enforcement surrounding Jeezy, Ross admits his plans was to choke the Snowman.

“This is nothing personal to me. At the BET Awards it basically just boiled down to me running across Young Jeezy, he had five security guards in front of him, five police officers behind him and we crossed paths I said ‘what’s up?’ soon as he said ‘what’s up?’ I tried to choke him.”

Back in October, Young Jeezy gave his account of what happened stating the encounter was minimal and wants to move forward from it.

“I saw [Ross] in the hallway, we walking out. So me and him never really seen each other face to face. I just felt like… he spoke and I spoke, and that was basically it.”

The Bawse didn’t stop when it came to well-known beefs, as he also touched on Gunplay’s run-in with 50 Cent/G-Unit the same night. Ross ends off challenging 50 Cent to take their beef to the boxing industry. As you know, 50 Cent is now a promoter in the sport and the MMG leader is open to the idea of starting his own company and going head-to-head with the G-Unit general.

Watch part two of Rick Ross sounding off below…..

“That whole day we was mobbing all through there. And everybody was staying in their trailers as far as 50 Cent and all them, they were staying in their trailers. And you gotta understand, with me it’s nothing personal I’m a hands on type dude. I’m better with my hands than I am at making music, so its not personal but if I see Young Jeezy again will I try to choke him? I don’t know that’s an option. If I see 50 Cent, is it personal? Not at all but it’s an option.

Certain lines were already crossed and by it not being personal I’m a take time out to acknowledge him on his boxing license. I like that, I may let him get a one-year head start on me on that and next year I get in that and we can beef on that too. Go pick up $100m’s let’s beef on the boxing level too, ‘good fight Gamboa but I’m a get somebody for you’.”

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