Picture 63
(Rick Ross and Elise Neal outside of Mr. Chows, LA. Source: IceDotCom)

Last night, the paparazzo parked outside of Mr. Chow’s in LA caught up with Rick Ross having a business dinner, along with his girlfriend, actress Elise Neal. Seems that the couple has been dating since at least December of last year, when they went to the Soul Train awards and the Power106 Christmas concert together. Now the interesting part of this coupling is Elise’s dating history with Ross’ nemesis 50 Cent.

After appearing in 50’s “Follow My Lead” video in 2007 (along with fellow actress Paula Jai Parker), Elise admitted in King Magazine that she and Fif dated….

“Right now we’re really just cool, but it would be the understatement of the year for me to say it was always just that. We’re friends enough to where he knows that if we’re doing something I’m not gonna go run and tell. That’s not my personality.”

Two years later, 50 Cent took Ross’ baby-mother Tia Kemp on that infamous shopping spree to the fur district (that was the start of some next level Machiavellian warfare). And now two years after that, Ross is dating 50’s short-term ex. None of this is on par with the twisted Suge Knight vs. Diddy love triangle of the mid-90s, but it’s still a curious development.

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Picture 75
(Elise Neal in 50’s 2007 video “Follow My Lead”…watch after the jump)

More photos of Rick Ross and Elise Neal…
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Picture 90
(Rick and Elise at the Power 106 Christmas show, Dec2010)

Picture 91
(Rick, Elise and DJ Khaled on the Soul Train red carpet, Dec2010)

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(Elise looks amazing, by the way. Yikes!)