rick ross face tattoo.jpg

Rappers haven’t exactly given face tats the best reputation (not that face tats had a particularly great reputation beforehand or anything). It seems like The Game, Gucci Mane and Birdman have been embroiled in a who-can-get-the-craziest-piece-of-ink-on-their-noggin competition these last few years. Rick Ross’ face tat game, on the other hand, has always been kinda understated (I know, right? The guy who compares himself to drug lords and shamelessly exposes his man boobs at every possible opportunity).

Just take a look at Rozay’s latest work: “Rich Forever” scripture below his lip, courtesy of revered tattoo artist Nikko Hurtado. I mean, for any normal person, getting a tattoo on your chin takes some balls (or maybe a loose screw), but at least it’ll stay camouflaged next to his superhuman hair follicles. Which makes us wonder: how many more tats does Ricky Ross have hiding in that Amazon jungle of a beard of his?

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