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“Come on!” (c) Gob, Arrested Development.

My peoples were just telling me about this cool mini-movie that Rick Ross did with the homie Rik Cordero….I’m eager to post a trailer from that. And the music is getting good reviews….but then this…

Rick Ross says that Nelson Gomez, a G-Unit employee, called him up and offered him money to stop attacking 50 Cent.
Then Ross claims that he said, make it half a million and I’ll give 50 a pass…but not “Yayo and that other guy,” thats gonna be an additional charge.


As I said on Twitter
Perhaps this guy is getting a bit too comfortable with lying. It’s practically pathological right now. Like Jon-Lovitz x SNL style.

1) No offense to Nelson, but he’s not ponying up $500k in bribe funds.

2) I dont think anyone even believes that 50 cent wants this beef to end…on the contrary, these past few months have been like Christmas in Hollis Southside Connecticut for that guy.

3) Ross calls him “Nelson Gomez from G-unit.” Which makes it painfully obvious that he must have heard Nelson and his co-host Gabby on their Shade45 radio show this past weekend. Nelson was probably definitely tearing down his boss’ rival on the air. The show is called The Gomez Brothers, but those guys aren’t really named Nelson Gomez and Gabby Gomez. They’re not even brothers. However in light of this “gift,” I think they should hit city hall and change their names to Gomez immediately, lol.