Rick Ross is starting the year off with a bang, prepping the release of his sixth solo album Mastermind. Now set to arrive on March 4 via Def Jam Records, the Bawse unveils the official artwork for his forthcoming full-length opus. Along with the cover revelation, Rozay announces a new single “War Ready” featuring past foe Jeezy.

Known for their long history of beef, the labelmates’ new collaboration serves as a follow-up to “No Games” featuring Future, and the Jay Z-assisted “The Devil Is a Lie.”

UPDATE: Rick Ross releases the deluxe album cover, which our own Miss Info breaks down below. “War Ready” featuring Jeezy arrives on February 11.

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Miss Info: The image is oddly bright and upbeat, but also deeply morbid at the same time. And whether any of his fans get the origins of this, it definitely reminds me immediately of that horrifying iconic photograph from the Vietnam War of a man being executed with a point-blank gunshot to the head. Ross has been dabbling in some art acquisitions and with the help of Lyor Cohen and Todd Moscowitz, it seems like his choices have been much (much) better than some other big artists. Commissioning original works is that next level. And while it’s no hand-painted George Condo Birkin bag (JK), it’s definitely a much more controversial statement. Images of one’s own death can be a scary thing. (i.e. ‘Life After Death’ and “I Ain’t Mad At ‘Cha”). If you’re not familiar with Mr. Brainwash, he was the subject of Banksy’s documentary ‘Exit Through The Gift Shop’ and since then he’s decorated Swizz and Alicia Keys’ Soho penthouse, painted images of Jay Z made out of broken record shards, etc. Nice guy. Pop art for celebs.




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