“some real sexy s–t”

As a non-smoker and super-featherweight-drinker….watching this video of Rick Ross talking with the homie Duke Da God (Dipset Radio) in a dressing room in Seattle (with Hell Rell in tow), reminded me of all the times that I’m the only sober person in the room. Is anyone familiar with that feeling? Your cloud-nine friends are happily blathering on, exchanging deep revelations. Lightbulbs going off. But you just keep looking around, like “what?!?!”
Yup. That’s this, lol.
I was dying listening to Duke’s questions, Ross’ answers, and Duke’s reactions. So Awesome.
Especially 0:50 to 0:58….”the homies” camera-pan….and the abrupt ending.

Another short Rick Ross “vlog” after the jump. (props to 57thAve for the clips)

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