Here’s what happens when an eager man-on-the-scene reporter, repping live at most likely his first presidential election night, spots a black guy with a very aggressive side part in a weird outfit….
Spoiler alert….pure struggle.

Watch the video, after the jump

*jerks head towards famous black guy dress in Naboo sweater* “That’s Wyclef Jean….

Ok, clearly, this guy only listens to “rap” on his pandora, and doesn’t watch the accompanying videos on youtube. He tried though! And extra credit for excitement for Wyclef…that’s mighty generous. Also, it’s not like his own colleagues are treating him any better! Do you notice how the anchorman introducing him doesn’t even know his name? He calls him Mike Blake. And the weary co-anchor has to correct him, “Blake Berman.”


Thanks to Joe La Puma for making my day with this.