The rap game has been missing Remy Ma’s presence for nearly 6 years now. Terror Squad’s female BX Bomber got caught up in a bizarre incident with a close friend where she allegedly shot her in the stomach over money. Given the fact that the shooting happened near Manhattan’s swanky Meat Packing district, this was pretty much an open and shut case. Her biggest supporter through ths trying time has been her longtime boo, Papoose. And, last night, Pap gave her fans an update on her release.

“They locked my bitch up for six years, but guess what? July she coming home,” Papoose said to the crowd prior to evoking a “Remy, Remy” chant. Watch the moment belo

Watch the interview below…

via Amy Traphouse

Remy Ma Calls Hot97 From Prison: Death Rumors, Nicki Minaj, No Love from Terror Squad