This past weekend, I caught the season premiere of Saturday Night Live, hosted by Alec Baldwin for the 16th time, a new record. Musical guest Radiohead was great, and so were some of the skits. Well, four to be exact. Like this perfume ad parody about that fly chick you should steer clear of….

Red Flag by Chanel: She’s gorgeous, wealthy, a free spirit. And her ex-boyfriend…is a club promoter. Red Flag… She’s exquisite. But she also lived in Vegas…for 11 years. Red Flag…

LOL….but us gals can spot a red flag too.
Like…the guy who thinks that a suit is only for court or funerals. The grown man who spits on the street more than once a month. The guy who wears his car keys in plain sight. Any man with a face tattoo….or shiny fingernails. And so on….

Watch three more funny Alec Baldwin x SNL skits:
Top Gun Audition Outtakes,
Weekend Update with Tony Bennett,
The ‘Who’s On Top’ Game Show…
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Top Gun 25 Anniversary DVD, The Audition Outtakes: Hahaa! Alec Baldwin nails this imitation of Al Pacino. How did he master Pacino like that? And I love anything anything with a reference to 80’s nutjob Crispin Glover.

Weekend Update with Tony Bennett and Seth Myers: Again, Alec masters all the nuances of Tony Bennett… the smile, the erratic volume control, the use of “great.”
Poise Pads!

Who’s On Top, the gay guessing game show: The best part is Bill Hader’s acid cynicism. He rules.

Ray J. Versus Fabolous: What Happened? Hilarity. What Didn’t? A Fistfight.
Things We Like: Louis C.K. Talks About The Time He Saved His Dog’s Life
Zach Galifianakis and Will Ferrell Kiss “Between Two Ferns”! (plus Bruce Willis, Tila Tequila, etc)
The Daily Show’s Baracknophobia and Funny-or-Die’s Bonnareezy Debacle
This makes me uncomfortable….
Kanye=Master of Passive-Aggressive Cockiness