(K.Michelle from Love & Hip Hop ATL vs. a blogger from Bossip, via Hot97NY)

Miss Info:
I love TV, and ever since reality TV shows exploded in number after the writers’ strike made them the saving grace for many networks…I’ve cried during Real World, laughed during Jersey Shore, cheered during Top Chef. But I can’t really deal with the forced histrionics that I see from some shows…I find myself being train-wreck entertained for the first few minutes but when spinal fluid starts leaking out from a nostril, that’s my cue that my brain is crying out for mercy.

That said…I think this clip from the Season 2 screening of the gravy-covered mothership of mess, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, is still kind of interesting because it brings up a different debate.

In the clip above, watch K.Michelle (singer and cast member) jump down the throat of a blogger from Bossip, a site that I notice mostly for their use of the term “gut full of [insert name of father]” as their preferred synonym for the word “pregnant.”
Now given that K.Michelle almost always carries herself like an enraged spitting llama on the TV show, the question is…does she still have a valid point about being mistreated by gossip blogs?
Or…is her point moot because she (along with the show and VH1) is the one capitalizing on her own tragi-comedy and offering it up to blogs for publicity?
Is there a difference between the singer who gets hunted and splayed by paparazzi and blogs who just wants their music to be the focus….and the new-age celeb who’s most prominent body of work is a weekly snippet of them arguing in a bar, complaining about men, or getting groceries in see-thru stilettos?
I want to know what you think…but my first thought is that these two masters of distraction (media-whores and whore-media) are necessary to each other like oil and vinegar. Shake vigorously.

(One thing not debatable…K.Michelle is very good at yelling at people. When I’m enraged my face gets so red and enflamed that I can’t even deliver the zingers that I’ll keep thinking about afterwards, lol. Fail.)

You can watch the supertrailer for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 2…
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You can watch more from the Love & Hip Hop ATL premiere party on Hot97 at 4pm.

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