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There’s a cast of characters that Jay Z has mentioned in his rhymes throughout the years. Mostly made up of his childhood friends, the Marcy Projects-bred rapper almost makes you feel like you know his homies by how descriptive he is with these dudes.

Take Juan “OG” Perez for example, who is also Hov’s co-pilot in Roc Nation Sports. The dude has never spit a rhyme in his left, yet every true Jay fan should be able to tell you who he is. Recently, GQ caught up with the lowkey entrepreneur to pick his brain about Roc Nation Sports (he’s the official president).

GQ: How does the culture of athletes and musicians mix?
OG Juan: We’re all one big family. We wrap our arms around each other. If Robbie needs something and one of the artists has it…. They send Instagram Happy Birthdays. We’re a family. Everybody sticks together here.

When you guys make a decision about a player, how big is the circle making the decision?
Just me and Jay.

Just the two of you?
Just us two.

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Q: Tell us what you wanted from a first player.
The starting place for us had to be an elite player, cream of the crop. An elite talent with elite character, and a story behind the player.

Did they need to be in New York?
It just happened like that.

What was it about Robbie?
Robbie was perfect. Already huge, a massive inspiration to the Latin community. One of the best players in baseball, the best player at his position. He’s outgoing, he’s always smiling, has discipline, hard-working. It’s easy to market a guy like that.

How did you sell the company to him?
We just explained to Robbie that we’re a 360 company. We don’t just have an agent to negotiate contracts. We also have the branding, the marketing, the publicity. We have different departments. We have artists.

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