jay-z diddy

The hyperbole is as much a part of hip-hop’s DNA as beats and rhymes, but when it comes to bank balances, there’s always hard evidence to back it up (or prove it wrong). Bloomberg’s Businessweek decided to compare the lyrical claims of a select few rappers with their actual net worth (I know, they’re taking all the fun out of it, but that’s beside the point).

The worst offenders include Pitbull and Nicki Minaj (who aren’t worth even close to a billion dollars), whereas Jay-Z doesn’t fall too short of his “half a billi” brag (he’s worth a cool $475 million). Nas, unfortunately, takes the biggest L. Despite what he claimed on “No Introduction,” the Queensbridge MC isn’t a $200 million man; he’s actually 6M’s in debt.

Check out the video and chart after the jump…

Rappers Wealth

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