After the punch heard ’round the internets this past Saturday (via Joe Budden’s ubiquitous webcast), things between Joe and his affiliated Slaughterhouse crew and Raekwon and his IceWater team felt about “level orange” on the threat chart.

There was the initial confrontation in Joe’s dressing room (at the Rock the Bells show in San Bernardino, CA), then there was a brouhaha backstage right before Slaughterhouse went on, then on Sunday, folks were saying that Raekwon had pulled out of the San Francisco stop. I’m not sure why those rumors started because my sources were very clear that Raekwon was amped to perform not once but 3-times during the show (1st with Big Boi, then solo, then with Busta Rhymes). As for the temperature of the room….aside from comments from Crooked I and eyewitness Mickey Factz…both Joe and Rae were quiet.

Now today, Jesse and the XXL team spoke to Rock the Bells organizer Chang Weisberg, who had to worry about the tour’s financial investment throughout the ongoing beef (although, there were some questions from insiders as to the appropriateness of allowing Inspectah Deck backstage and onstage when he said “F- Joe Budden”):

Chang told XXL that before Sunday’s show, he mediated a talk between Rae and Joe which ended in a handshake.

“It was heated,” [Chang] told XXL, “people were not feeling some situations and at the end of the day sometimes the best action is no action** at least in L.A. But in San Francisco, yes, everybody got in a room, there were a lot of discussions and were able to keep it moving. “

“I don’t believe they’ll be any more issues moving forward,”he continued.”


After the jump…Rock the Bells founder names the people who helped bring Joe Budden and Raekwon to the table…

XXL interview with Rock the Bells founder Chang Weisberg continues…

“Weisberg credits several key people for being able to defuse the tension. “…You walked into hip-hop summer camp, From KRS-One to Busta Rhymes, to Joell [Ortiz], to Royce [da 5”9”] to our entire staff, there’s a lot of people that have a lot of really good relationships. Helped to lend perspective. “

When asked if he would invite them back for next year’s festival Chang exclaimed, “Abso-fucking-lutely.”

(**one might also say the best action is preventative action, but hindsight is always 20/20.)