Meth vs Chef vs Ghost from Gasface on Vimeo.

Rae talks about where to put the upcoming Meth/Ghost/Rae album, there are rumors that the trio album will be put out on Def Jam. But Rae makes the fantastic point that…..”If I can drop Cuban Linx [2, on Ice H2O/EMI] and I can own that, why we can’t own…our s–t? But that’s another story…but I’m put against the wall, and the fans want this, I have to be quiet and just let it play out…if the people is excited, I have to be involved because the people help me take care of my family….but you been in the business, a long time, you should be in charge of that…I never had the chance to talk to my brothers about it, because we all going in different directions…when it’s official…that’s when we reach an understanding.”

(I love how the Gasface guys put together their clips, peut-etre, just a lil lower on the soundtrack volume next time ; )

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