Mikey: Raekwon held his album release party for OB4CL2 at Santos in true Wu fashion. I was a lil’ rusty on my Shaolin Shadowboxing, so I played the crib, but from what Info said, it was pretty much ’95 all over again last night. Hosting duties were held by Diddy, and Ghost and Cappa held Rae down as he rocked the crowd and celebrated the release OB4L2. I think Info’s going to post some pics and her recap of the show soon, so sit tight internets. Props to Waterfall for the vid.

MissInfo: yes…it was a good, sweaty, hiphop night. And Rae was happy and verklempt.

Picture 8
(Erick Sermon, me, Reggie Noble, and Lil Cease)

Picture 10

(Diddy was a trooper, he thugged it out on that stage…yes that was the view of the stage from Scram Jones’ DJ set-up. And it was steamy like a split baked potato. Uncomfy)

More Coverage from last night over at XXL Mag (Rae wishes Jay-Z a good release week) and RapRadar  (performance clips) and MTV Mixtape Daily (Sha, where were you?!)

After the jump….more video clips, as well as me and Angela Yee’s photos from the party!

Picture 9
(Lowkey was chaperone, Dallas was the mayor)

(thanks to Angela Yee for twitpic-ing this funny photo and the one below of Rae…wait a minute! Leah Rose is calling us Looosers! LOL)

(Rae with 2 “fly colored Asians”…note to self: stop smiling so hard. yeesh. gummy.)