Coming off a show stealing surprise performance at this year’s SXSW Fader Fort, Usher immediately hit the studio with an old friend. Rocking the original So So Def Mascot costume head, Jermaine Dupri posed in a pic with the crooner during a recent studio session. We’re not sure what sparked these to to head back in, but JD recently talked about the possibility of making something happen again.

“It’s a lot riding on your back. It would have to be something me and Usher sit around and talk about because it’s not like we can just go in the studio because y’all gonna critique it against ‘Confessions,’” Dupri told The Urban Daily. “We just ain’t gonna go into the studio one day and surpass what we already did […A] lot if people don’t want that weight. I don’t mind it, but at the end of the day, Usher and I just need to have a conversation.”

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Yesterday, Nicki sent out a photo of herself straight laid up in the back of the bach
“#McQueen realTness. Back of da Bach. Naomi teas”
Band of Outsiders will be releasing more photos from the shoot for the rest of the week on Tumblr

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