One of my favorite people/artists vs. the mag behind one of my favorite general-culture-blogs.

NY Mag printed a recent review of The Renaissance in which maybe the writer’s snark overpowered the contextual nuggets of praise…. For example….

“Q-Tip’s flow on his new disc remains mellow, freewheeling, and vaguely inspirational. But it doesn’t feel relevant (e.g., the perfectly serviceable but random duet with Norah Jones). He talks about playing parties with fellow old-timer D.J. Scratch and being taken aback by how “the kids” sing along with Ice Cube and the Pharcyde. “There’s a thirst for information,” he says. But mostly, they want Kanye West.

Q-Tip is friends with West—he credits him with turning rap around after a decade when everything “started to sound the same”—and he’s talked of recording a CD with West collaborator Common. West, for his part, name-drops Tribe and Q-Tip at every opportunity. “It’s encouraging to see the respect that people like Kanye have for what we did before,” says Q-Tip.

Still, it’s West who’s winning Grammys and endorsing soft drinks, while Q-Tip is trying to warm up a hostile Knicks crowd. And now Kanye has his own album coming out, 808s & Heartbreak, that’s sure to dwarf The Renaissance.*** “I’m glad I passed him the baton, and he ran a while, but I’ve been working now, and I can run, too,” says Q-Tip. “My hand is outstretched. Pass me the baton, so I can go a bit.”

Knowing Tip, you can imagine how he said these quotes, endearing and self-deprecating. And reading the excerpt, you don’t get that sense. Its more pitiful. Which clearly, Tip took offense to. And so he fired back in the web version’s comments sections….

“damn mr. leitch!! why are u shitting on me and dick riding kanye. seems like its an assignment you didnt want to do so why do it? you should have done a DL4 assignment or better yet a ‘whatever happened to fallout shelters in a Mc Carthy era new york?’ piece!!! i’m good… you??? JADED!! yes this is qtip.”
(followed by another comment)
“oh i forgot… ASSHOLE.”

Today, NY Mag called attention to Tip’s response on their Vulture Blog. Obviously they did so because its juicy, not because they feel bad, but I’m still happy they did. Vulture also added: How do we know it’s really Q-Tip? Because he also sent us an e-mail directing us to his comments and inquiring ‘did i bang your ex girl???’ (Not to our knowledge.)”

***would any of you even put releases from Tip and Ye in competition with each other? They didnt drop on the same day did they?