You all know how we feel about Ghostface’s verse on “New God Flow.” It should be common knowledge that GFk has the best verse on the whole damn album (haha). Seriously though, even Pusha T was just as taken back by Ghost’s work on Cruel Summer. This weekend on the red carpet at the 2012 BET Awards, we discussed just how disgusting Tony’s darts were.

“I heard the album on August 28th. I was just as shocked as you were,” Pusha T tells VIBE about the surprise Ghostface verse featured on “New God Flow.” “Everybody was brought in the studio and told to sit down, and [Kanye] played it. And they all just watching me. He’s telling me ‘Listen to the new mix! Whatcha think about the new mix of it?’ Man, when Ghost came on I fainted. He killed it.” (via VIBE)

Q-Tip hints at Cruel Winter album after the jump…

(via MTV News)

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