One Rap question that has yet to be answered this year, has to be “where is Pusha T’s album?” Continuing with his talk on Revolt TV, Pusha explains a bit of why My Name Is My Name has been pushed back. At the moment, he says he’s been having sample clearance issues, but it will be released in 2013. Before he wrapped up his interview, he even went on to say that he’s got album of the year.

“I’m restoring the feeling with this album… but it’s like, street hip-hop. Whatever anybody else does, they can’t be as authentic as what I’m doing. Because I’m real…I’m giving you an uncompromised Hip-Hop record… I don’t think nobody’s doing that. I think everybody’s trying to play the political games, either in the marketing or in the music.”

Watch Pusha T’s take on My Name Is My Name after the jump….

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