Fresh of his performance at Coachella, Pusha T unleashes the visual for his lead single “My God”.  The Hit-Boy produced cut is off his solo debut project, the  Fear of God mixtape. Make sure you download that if you haven’t done so, it gets the seal of approval.

Mikey: hmm, interesting the video description says Fear Of God 2: Let Us Pray EP …

Directed by Nabil

via Complex

Check Push’s latest interview with the Village Voice, after the jump……

Q&A: Pusha T: “Instant Gratification Versus Slow Grind? I’ll Take The Former.”

90% of his friends are behind bars. His oldest brother is a recovering drug addict. His other brother has long since repented. All that and Pusha still wants to, well, push. “That’s what happens when you Michael and they treat you like Tito,” he raps on the hook for “I Still Wanna.” For the first time in his life, Pusha (Terence Thornton) is not following in his brother Malice’s footsteps and distancing himself from the coke raps that the Clipse brand was built on. There are claims that new Clipse material is on the way, but for now, Pusha is flying solo dolo.

We caught up with Pusha T at his local barbershop, right before he left for Miami to shoot a video for his version of Jay-Z’s hustler anthem “Can I Live” (it appears on his mixtape Fear Of God), Push had plenty to say about detractors wanting him back on a strict diet of Neptune beats, his Bronx roots, and his relationship with his older brother. Gather ’round.

Your mixtape was so highly anticipated and managed to keep from disappointing the fans. At least most of them. How do you feel about people saying you should stick to spitting on Neptune beats and off of Jay’s classics?
I think those people are super corny. I should just stick to Neptune beats?! I feel like people who say things like that show say that don’t know the art of mixtapes. Jay was rapping over “The Symphony,” B.I.G. was rapping over Death Row beats… that’s the essence of a mixtape. I wanted songs that were inspirational to me over the years. I come from the Clue and Doo Wop era. Buying mixtapes in Norfolk and shit. If you can’t feel that then it’s not for you, sir.

Well put. So tell us…
See, I put those types of questions in the same category with the critics who ask why I only rhyme about coke. See, I do this for a particular consumer. If you’re not that individual but you can still relate or you like the way I put words together, bet. That’s cool too. Because this is what you’re going to get, the mindset of a brash decision maker.
The mindset of someone who has lost 90% of his friends to jail sentences. Anyone you’ve seen me with in the last 15 years, all my fam, all my friends, gone. Doing 30 years, 50 years. So that mindset is what you’re going to get ’cause that’s all I know.

But Malice seems to have had a different reaction to the recent strife.
Yeah, he has. Everyone has different boiling points for different things. See, Malice is a little more introspective and I guess conscious, for lack of a better word. His shit is still aggressive but there were always consequences to his street tales. My shit is more brash, more unapologetic. It’s not that I don’t think like he does it’s just that when you’re in a group, especially in hip-hop, everyone gotta play their part.

Read the rest over at the VillageVoice.

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