(XXLMag posted this image from Jay-Z’s infamous Hot97 Summerjam screen attack on Mobb Deep’s Prodigy back in 2001)

Kudos to  XXLmag for thinking outside the box by reaching out to Prodigy in jail for his reaction to Michael Jackson’s passing. Seems that P felt much vindication upon watching this Sunday’s BET awards….

“[Jamie Foxx] said everybody used to dress like Michael Jackson when they was a little kid…You know I like that part ’cause certain niggas ‘Oh yeah Prodigy had the beaded jacket on when he was 8 years old,’ like tryna discredit me like there’s something wrong with that. Nah ain’t nothing wrong with that and everybody knows and it’s sad that Michael Jackson had to die but now everybody’s professing ‘oh I loved Michael Jackson when I was little too.’ Oh now it’s okay.”

“Rest in peace, Michael Jackson…He did a lotta things I ain’t agree with later on in life but overall that was a good muthafucka right there. That was an excellent person, with his music and what he contributed to the music world. Perfect, excellent.