Prince is a musical genius, and one of my all-time favorites (shout to all the twitter family who followed my play by play from his recent 21 Nights marathon performance that I witnessed at the Gansevoort Hotel last year with the homie Jay Smooth)….and here he sits down for a rare interview with Tavis Smiley. (I wish they’d replay that great interview he did was it with Chris Rock? or MTV…I can’t remember but he spoke about his rivalry with Michael Jackson. So Classic)

Anyways, in this first half of the 2part interview, Prince shares his…um…unique POV on things like….why as a Jehovah’s Witness he did not vote in the last presidential election. And how he was cured of childhood epilepsy. And what he thinks of the fumes that come out of jet engines….oh boy. Fascinating if not dubious.

In this highlight clip, Prince has an interesting theory on the deceptive practices in the music industry….

Prince on Tavis Smiley (Highlight 2) from Scholar P. Mathers on Vimeo.