The tributes to the late Prince continue and magazines are joining in, aside from the musical tributes we’ve heard over the past week. In this week’s Entertainment Weekly, the icon graces the pages of the mag, being remembered by those who were close to him. The likes of James “Jimmy Jam” Harris, Sheila E., record executive Lenny Waronker, as well as other friends, share stories about the Purple One and some of the more memorable recording sessions of his career.

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Here’s what Jimmy Jam remembers about his time on the road with Prince:

“He’d come to rehearsal, work us, go work his band, then he’d go to his studio all night and record. Then the next night he’d come to rehearsal with a tape in his hand and he’d say, ’This is what I did last night.’ And it’d be something like “1999” and you’re like, ‘Who does this?’”

EW critic Leah Greenblatt also recalls her last interview with Prince, one of which happened to be his last:

“The Prince I got that August afternoon was … funny and thoughtful and endlessly engaged in the world around him, even while his whole life seemed to be contained in the lavender bubble of his compound … He constantly offered to call in food, and the spread laid out in Paisley’s bright industrial kitchen looked like a birthday party for a highly lactose-tolerant 8-year-old.”

The new issue of EW will hit newsstands tomorrow.

(via EW)

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