Minutes after the major networks called the race for President Obama as the winner of the 2012 Presidential race, he tweeted a message “This happened because of you. Thank you.” Followed by the photo and message above: “Four more years.” Well, that touching hug between Barry and Michelle quickly became the most retweeted tweet in all twitter history (the previous twitter recordholders were Justin Bieber and NFL’s TJ Lang).

After going dizzy from watching all the election night coverage and graphs and tickers….the stats that jumped out were about the changing demographics that made a difference. According to CNN, Obama got 71% of the Latino vote, 53% of the female vote, and 60% of the youth vote. Latinos being the fastest growing voter group. Single women rejecting Republicans in favor of protecting their reproductive rights. Young people wanting someone who wouldn’t refuse to acknowledge climate change, same sex marriage and more.

Over an hour after Obama’s win was already called, we were still waiting for Mitt Romney to take the stage for his concession speech. I had wild scenarios of what was going on in Mitt’s dressing room. But when he finally came out, he was gracious and conciliatory….

Watch President Obama’s acceptance speech…
The “Flag Head Lady” who stood behind Obama and distracted America…
Mitt Romney’s concession speech…
And Bill O’Reilly’s insanely offensive comment…
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President Obama’s acceptance speech. For the most part, lots of the same pep rally unifying feel-good mantras…but a sense of understanding that many folks support him, but also feel frustrated about the last four years. I liked that even with one small comment, Obama made it clear that he realizes the voting process is ridiculously outdated. You can read the full speech transcript here.

Oh, but while Obama was trying to thank his loyal supporters…it was hard to focus past the woman standing over his shoulder with a flag tucked in her hair. It was such a silly thing but aren’t most memes?

(the infamous “flag head lady” behind Pres. Obama during his acceptance)

Here’s what Mitt Romney said in his concession speech:

And one other thing…even though the focus is on Obama’s victory and the challenges that he faces ahead…as well as the new developments like legal recreational weed use in Colorado and Washington…
I just want to point out the f–kery that was happening on Fox News last night.
When the race started leaning towards Obama, Bill O’Reilly used his “expertise” to offer up this explanation for Obama’s win:

“Obama wins because it’s not a traditional America anymore. The 50% of the voting public, they want ‘stuff.’ They want things…The white establishment is the minority.”

Umm….so all these brown people, ovary people (aka women), gay people, black people, asian people, young people….we all want “stuff.” What do the old white guys want? Hugs, right? Just hugs.

Oh, and then once the networks started calling Obama the winner, things got stone cold dreary over on Fox News, like a combination of frostbite and awkwardness….especially when Karl Rove argued with his own Fox News colleagues on announcing Obama’s projections. Eek.

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