After a grueling campaign, and a thrilling re-election victory on Tuesday night…President Obama visited his campaign office to thank all the staff and volunteers.

There’s no need for a description here. Just watch the 5minute clip.

Oh and at around the 3 minute mark…don’t fight the waterworks.
There’s no way you can not be touched by the words of a leader who not only believes in his power and responsibility to leave a mark…but someone who also believes in the abilities and potential for greatness in others.
As someone who is so jaded by so much around me, and someone so doubtful of her own power….this speech not only describes “hope,” it procreates it.

After you’re done blowing your nose…
Just a couple other post-election gems…
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1) not to be racial, but all races who voted for Obama can enjoy the sheer schadenfreude sweet nectar of: The “White People Mourning Romney” Tumblr. Here’s a few samples…

2) Even though The Daily Show and The Colbert Report were a bit outmatched and overwhelmed with their election night live broadcasts…they both killed it with scathing completely hilarious recaps, the day after the election. Watch these two clips…

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