(kelis and nas during happier times, at her birthday party in miami, 2007)

Elliott at RapRadar hit me with a tip that basically confirms the circulating rumors…

“Sad news is spreading that Kelis and Nas’ marriage is no more—this time, for real. Apparently, Miss Milkshake is fed up with this QB dude’s verbally abusive and cheating ways. Let us not forget, ole girl is seven months preggars. Smh. We at Rap Radar hope these crazy kids can work it out, but it’s not lookin’ good. If all goes as planned, Kelis should be filing for divorce very soon. Damn shame!”

Verbally abusive ways?** Yeesh. Verbally abusive to a expectant mom? Double Yeesh.  Well, I’d like to know Nas’ side of the story as well. But either way….it sounds like separation is for the best. I feel like 2 happy separate parents make for a  better childrearing environment than 2 unhappy together parents.
I did think they made for a very handsome couple.

[**note: thanks to the sharp-eyed readers for pointing out that I missed “verbally.” That’s a very important distinction. That I shouldnt have missed if it weren’t for the fact that I’m zombie-tired from doing the morning and night shift, lol]