suge (props to the homie Carl) just posted an exclusive clip of the infamous Ralphige prank-calling Suge Knight. (Read Carl’s description, background, and interview with Ralphige here.) That guy Ralphige is on another level with his shit. But the novelty of this one for me, is more about how different things are now than the culture of fear we all fed into back in the late 90s.

Punking Suge back then? Unthinkable. But bankruptcy and jailtime will put even the boogieman of hip hop on his back. So Suge’s reversal of fortune has made him like an outcast bear in a cage, ready for kids to taunt for laughs.

Back during Suge’s prime, I having a conversation with him at what used to be called Carbon (also Exit, maybe Chrome, and what other names?). It was Mike Tyson’s party. (yikes) The afterparty was at the Four Seasons. He was extremely charming, polite, friendly….because he had high hopes and big plans. Now….not so much.

Me thinks: with nothing much to lose these days, Suge is ripe to bite back.