Outside of Noah’s Blueprint series, Complex‘s new Ralph Lauren documentary, Hoarse Power, is one of my favorite video pieces from the brand. Producers Karizza Sanchez and Angel Diaz took the painstaking task of tracing the deep roots of Polo, and its ties to hip-hop and New York gang culture — namely the Lo Lifes and Ralphies Kids. If you were a fan of the Lo before all the recent Snow Beach hype, this documentary is for you.

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“Polo Ralph Lauren wasn’t originally meant for the hip-hop community until the Lo-Lifes, a crew of Brooklyn teenagers, adopted the label and made it their own in the late ‘80s. It exploded in the streets and by the ‘90s, Polo was an inescapable part of hip-hop culture, from music videos to magazine covers. Despite the sometimes rocky relationship between the vastly different worlds, Polo has become an integral component of the hip-hop community for the last three decades. An all-star line up including A$AP Ferg, 2 Chainz, Fabolous, Tyson Beckford, Daymond John, Raekwon, Dapper Dan, Fonzworth Bentley, Michaela Angela Davis and more share their first-hand insights on the legendary brand’s connection to the culture in Complex’s documentary, “Horse Power.” via COMPLEX