After Miami’s elder statesmen Uncle Luke and Trick Daddy spoke out about not being happy with Wayne’s remarks about Miami, an active member of the 305 hip-hop community has finally responded on wax. Though, Pitbull doesn’t mention Weezy by name, it’s obvious that this freestyle is a direct response to the rapper. On the track, Pitbull sticks up for the Heat, calls out visitors who have been welcomed to his city (specifically those Katrina victims), and warns those to watch their mouths. Really, these just sound like some warning shots, so we’ll see if Weezy even responds.

“You got money/yea that’s sweet/but we are no Slim and Baby/ we really eat”

“You talkin’ Miami/ You talkin’ Heat/ Moral of the story: don’t sh*t where you eat”

Listen to Pitbull’s “Welcome to Dade County” after the jump

spotted at RealTalkNY

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