Swizz Beatz on working with Gucci and shooting the video for “Gucci Time”:

Gucci’s whole personality is mad cool. But his work ethic is different than you’d expect. He doesn’t move in a big rowdy crowd. He’s focused and serious and simple. And he’s graduating. Gucci is taking over more territories than he’s even been too. Just looking at the quality of this video shoot…We were at the top of the Hollywood Hills looking out on the lights. I said, ‘You see where you at? Now you gotta stay there. Everything gotta be on this same level from here on out.‘”

This past week I was in LA and stopped by Griffith Park to see Gucci Mane and Swizz Beatz on the set of their “Gucci Time” video shoot. The clip is directed by Chris Robinson, but was actually a two-fer for Chris and Gucci because they shot another video with Ray J the day prior. But while the Ray J shoot was all love scenes and narrative, “Gucci Time” was explosions, high tech backdrops, and remote control helicopters equipped with HD cameras! It was nice catching up with these guys, and thank you to Shari, Denise, Aura and more from WBR : ) I’ll have more details about our convos soon. But for now, some eye candy…

Bonus: Gucci Mane brings out Lil Kim at the Fader x Nike Stadium party in NYC, followed by her using him like a stripper pole, videos after the jump