Last night, the men of Dipset and Fool’s Gold faced off in a oddball game of full court basketball. At Jordan Brand’s private court behind The Garden a top secret game of b-ball brought together the thugs and hipsters (lol). It seems as though Cam and Atrak’s forthcoming Federal Reserve EP has spawned more than just music.

With a friendly vibe, Cam, Jim, Dame, Boogy, A Butta, Reks, Tito Poppins and more played for team Dipset, while Atrak, World’s Fair, Nick Catchdubs, Dan solomito and more repped for Team Fool’s Gold. There was definitely some wild cards thrown into the mix as well. People were pulling family members who played D-1 ball and Rucker Park stars to come show out. All in all though, it was a great time with a lot of laughs. Hopefully, this becomes an annual thing and open to the public. We have video footage coming on Monday.

Check out more photos from the game below…

All Photos below by Mikey Fresh

All Photos by Jesse Vega below