phony ppl

You know how you finish your “best songs of the year” list and don’t realize until a few days later that you fucked up and missed off your absolute favorite song? Well, I just did that with Phony Ppl’s “Why iii Love The Moon.” This, and the rest of the group’s Yesterdays Tomorrow album, has kept my soul well-fed all year long. In case you’ve been lacking the sonic nutrients in 2015, allow the new video for “Why iii Love the Moon” to serve as your late replenishment.

Directed by Dawn of Man, the clip finds the Phony Ppl crew biking through their native Brooklyn streets while projecting psychedelic images onto buildings and monuments. This is more about eye catching visuals, though; “Be careful where you look for love,” warns Elbee Thrie, which is especially sound advice in this era of Instagram thirst and MTV’s Catfish.

Watch below…

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