Pharrell at the Grammys, 2014

Miss Info: As we recap and rehash the Grammy Awards from Sunday night, the two big stories are still…

1) Are you butt-hurt that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis swept all the rap categories? (And do you also remember that just a week ago, many of today’s same angry mob was indignant that Macklemore was almost not in the rap categories because the Grammy committee thought he was too pop. Grrr! Hulk no accept hypocrisy of rap twitter trending emotions!)
2) Pharrell killed it last night, winner winner winner! Oh, but even better was the fact that he did it while wearing a totally absurd oversized Canadian Mounted Police type hat! It was like the Arby’s sign. It was like Smokey the Bear’s. It was Curious George’s human handler’s hat…and so on.

But even though Pharrell told MTV that he was running late for the Grammys so he just grabbed “this old thing” out of his closet…we know that’s totally impossible. Pharrell probably planned this entire outfit out, hip hop historian-style. Pharrell’s hat originally appeared in Malcolm Mclaren’s 1982 video for the song “Buffalo Gals.” Just watch how fashion-forward the girls look in that video, here. The hats and influential styling was done by McLaren’s girlfriend, British designer Vivienne Westwood, who still makes the “felt mountain hats” today.



Malcolm McLaren, World’s Famous Supreme Team, and “Buffalo Gals”, 1982

But now that Pharrell’s 2014 Grammy hat will forever be remembered and meme-ed as a major pop culture x fashion moment…it seems like a good time to remind everyone that Skateboard P has been a fearless pioneer in the hatwear wilderness ever since he hit the music spotlight. The “Buffalo Gals” hat wasn’t even his most outrageous hat of the past six months…
What about this lynx fur number?

Pharrell in fur hood at Moncler, 2013

A trippy trip through Pharrell’s Amazing Hat History…
After the jump

Trucker Hats: Pharrell rocked out in that 2001 N.E.R.D. “Lapdance” video on a BMX bike, wearing a Rolling Stones-logo trucker hat and rap fans rushed to cop their own plastic and foam caps with heavy metal references on them. It was like the 2001 version of Wes Lang’s confederate flag Yeezus gear. Very genre-mashing.


Fitteds: 2006 Pharrell hanging out with Nigo with Toby (Cav Empt) in the back. P was an early BAPE adopter (pre-Weezy, lol) and had the extra-fitted skin-tight New Era baseball cap. Do these still exist?


Bucket Hats: Pharrell in Paris with his own Ice Cream running dog logo bucket.

Trapper Hats: Pharrell with the enormously fluffy Elmer Fudd trapper hat and furry moon boots, walking the red carpet with Snoop Dogg in 2006. Snoop is wearing a marshmellow and house shoes but he still manages to look at Pharrell, like…”Is you trippin’?” I would wear this outfit today, tomorrow, and Wednesday.

Ivy Caps: Long before Lupe show up at the Grammys in a pair of riding jodphurs, Pharrell was mixing with the horsey set in a suede school boy cap and very legit hunting boots. Very Brideshead Revisited country manor vibes.


Straw Trillby Hats: Pharrell travels in his own atmosphere…as evidenced by his colorful combination of snowboarding boots, sleeveless vest, and summery straw hat. Here he was introducing his 2nd furniture collection in 2009. But we’ve actually seen many straw hats on Pharrell…because Miami UV rays and perfect skin don’t mesh.


Greek Fishermen’s Caps: Pharrell performed at Fashion’s Night Out in 2010 wearing a cute  schoolboy cap…a Chanel cap at that. Here’s where we started to see P’s military style cues, the olive drab, the ribbons and medals…the next step? MORE HAT!


WWII Army Caps: This was statement accessorizing at its most defiant. P was like, I’m going where no male hip hop celebrity has ever gone. Not those 90’s army caps that Nas and Black Moon wore. Not your old school Kangols, or your 5-panel baseball hats, or your knit beanies with the brim. Pharrell really wore this World War II officer’s cap to the studio, art festivals and fashion parties. And he added Mickey Mouse pins for flair. Fearless!


Slouchy Knit Caps: Around 2012, Pharrell often hid his bleached hair under a slouchy knit cap. Again, very on trend. There were emo indie singers and chain-smoking hollywood teenthrobs all over the place in slouchy caps. But none had the balls to wear them with a tuxedo short set to the CFDA Awards…and match wifey Helen’s outfit at that!


Head Tents: There was a brief period in hip hop where grown men were wearing silky logo-print scarves draped over their heads like Arabian Nights concubines. It was unfortunate. But draped in a cashmere Louis Vuitton blanket, Pharrell managed to make this 2012 Bullett magazine photo more Native American Tonto-chic than rap struggle sheik.


Felt Fedoras: Like a dressed down version of his soon to be legendary Grammy hat, Pharrell is rarely seen without a neat felt fedora. Here, he’s at an Art Basel party in 2013.

Which brings us to this past Sunday’s Grammy Awards, which will forever be known as The Day Pharrell’s Hat Landed. A moment Pharrell’s domepiece has been preparing for at least 14 years, maybe more. Totally worth the wait.

PS: To my ‘I Am Other’ fam…There so need to be an app for this. Stat. (photoshop by Matty Yu)

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