If you’ve been watching Info’s Oscars interview series with Pharrell (presented by Qream), you know that he’s been dropping all kinds of goodies and news. In this clip, Info asks Pharrell is he sees himself diving into more movie scores and Hollywood soundtracking. P says he wants to get into it but can’t leave music alone just yet. He reveals that Hans Zimmer (who he’s working with on scoring the Oscars) hit him with a gang of exclusive sound bytes that he can use in his music. This includes sounds from the Batman and Lion King movie and many more classics that he worked on.

Pharrell also reveals that he just knocked out an incredible Usher record that makes you feel like your standing on top of Mount Olympus, which is also part of the lyrics.

after the jump, Pharrell talks about his recent favorite movie soundtracks and his future in movies/music.

Part – 3 Pharrell says he loved the scores to Drive, Inception and the Immortals. He also says Busta is a huge Immortals fan.

Part 5 – Pharrell says he can’t reveal any details about who he wants to win and talks about a few movies/songs that weren’t nominated. He also gives his opinion of the way people communicate on the ‘Net.

Well, the Internet is the tower of babble,” P said. “It is the collective conscience just ungoverned. Wild cowboy that just says anything.”

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