Pharrell has turned out be one of adidas’ biggest coups — even bigger than Kanye West, according to the stats. And after helping the brand sell more than 15 million pairs of Superstars last year, thanks in part to his Supercolor collection, it looks like Skateboard P is prepping his very own signature shoe in 2016.

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Yesterday Pharrell took to Instagram to share a preview of a new silhouette with the caption “PW ZX333 CORK,” suggesting that he’s added his own spin to adidas’ iconic ZX running collection. Based on the photo above, which he also shared on Instagram, it looks like the sneaker has a bit of Blue Boost influence to it, too.

So far this is all we know, but stay tuned for more details on Pharrell’s latest adidas Originals collaboration.


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A little more on that whole Pharrell-made-more-money-for-adidas-than-Kanye thing (via Business of Fashion):

While they were throwing euros at Kanye West and letting him run amok in the design department, the sober heads in Herzogenaurach, Germany, pulled out a 45-year old basketball shoe called the Superstar and put it in Pharrell’s hands. Adidas declared 2015 “the year of the Superstar” and in March released 50 color-saturated versions that the soft-spoken pop star touted in rainbow-laced ads…

…The result? Adidas just announced that it sold 15 million pairs of Superstars last year, far more than any of its other shoes. In other words, these nondescript kicks from the 1970s have become a billion-dollar business. At $100 or so per pair, they accounted for almost $1 in every $10 Adidas took in last year.

Kanye West may well be king of the special-release sneaker. He is, no doubt, helping Adidas regain some street cred against Nike Inc. But most of the profit in small-batch footwear goes to sneakerheads fortunate to get their hands on a pair and then flip them on secondary markets. Make no mistake: West is playing small ball. All seven of his “Yeezys” to date have sold out “instantly.” Meanwhile, he doesn’t come cheap. Tally up the profit and loss, and the Yeezy becomes a marketing exercise more than an immediate moneymaker. Adidas claims to be the most popular sneaker brand on Instagram, thanks, in part, to West.

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