Picture 7
(Yuk and Suge in high happier days, 2005. Them that smoketh together, eventually poundeth down each other. via ThugLifeArmy)

So random…TMZ reports that their police sources accuse Suge Knight of beating down and robbing fellow West Coast hip hop “celeb” Yukmouth, once of the Luniz (once of the hit song “I Got Five On It,” see below). Its not really the rap-on-rap crime that’s notable. Or the Suge Knight bullying either. Both of those are old hat.
It’s the small details…

10 PM at a Ralph’s supermarket in the San Fernando Valley…Suge and roughly 10 members of his posse allegedly beat up Yukmouth and then took $92,000 worth of jewelry from him.

-What used to be “gaffilin'” in the drive-thru (“Mac-Donald’s was my spot”-JD/Amerikka’s Most Wanted” at the 4:45mark), is now ambushes in the grocery store parking lot….in the Valley at that. *adding insult to injury*

-“Suge and roughly 10 members of his posse“…vs. one Yukmouth. One smaller, shorter Yukmouth (see above). Which is why I said this.

-“took $92,000 worth of jewelry“…which leads me to wonder, who did Yukmouth just rob?

(sidenote….wow @ the days when rap dancers dressed up like Aaliyah)