Mikey: With VH1’s Hip-Honors 2010: The Dirty South right around the corner, we hit up Houston’s Paul Wall to share some of his most memorable grill stories. Along with his new album, Heart of A Champion coming on June 29th, and his clothing line, Expensive Taste, Paul has always been and still is the go-to-guy for teeth jewelry, crafting one of kind pieces for rappers from all coasts and regions.

So who were Paul’s most memorable mouthpieces?

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Paul Wall on making Diddy 15 different grillz:
“I remember making Diddy’s first grill and he had no idea what he wanted, so he had me make like 15 different versions of the same exact grill. He wanted every different possible option that you could have so he could compare. I really had to ask him twice if he really wanted them all and he told me straight up, “Like Burger King —gotta have it my way, baby”. (laughs) He paid for ever single one of them, too.”

Paul Wall talks about Nelly’s blue-teeth and the grill that put his business on the map….

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Paul Wall on making Lil Jon’s grill:
“Lil Jon’s grill really put me on the map. From the first time we spoke, he let me know that he wanted a style of grill that nobody in the world would have and after I made that Dracula grill for him, he just blew up and my grill was one of his trademarks. He had it on his album covers, posters, music videos, just everywhere, man. I kind of feel honored to just have been a part of that and the fact that he always shouted me out. He really introduced me to a lot of my clients and was the first real celebrity I did, and after I made Jon’s grill my business really went to another level.”

Paul Wall on making the first all “blue diamond grill” for Nelly:
“When Nelly first hit me up, the colored diamonds were really getting big at the time and nobody had done an blue diamond grill just yet. So as soon as he called and said “I want something that no one else has done”, I knew what I was going to make him. It was all blue diamonds invisibl set, of course hand crafted. It was actually the grill he was wearing in the “Grillz” video with JD. That one really stuck out to me because I can say that Nelly was the first one with an all blue diamond grill.”—As told to Mikey Fresh