The sports world has been thirsting to see Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. step into the ring since the two champion boxers both emerged as the best. For hip-hop fans, we can compare the caliber of fight to when Nas and Jay-Z went head to head. The best of the best, here. But until the day comes, we’ll have to settle for the young gunners throwing rocks at the throne. Tonight, Pacman will be facing off with the undefeated and younger Timothy Bradley, who is 28. Along with every other rapper with a hit record out, Miss Info is reporting live from Las Vegas on behalf of Hot97. Late last night, she spoke to Manny’s trainer and Boxing vet Roy Jones Jr. on the highly anticipated match-up. Pacman is the favored fighter but there are some experts who believe Bradley’s strength actually give him the advantage. Check out Info’s exclusive interview and let us know who you think is going to win!

Miss Info: What is the only chance that [Bradley] actually has?
Freddie Roach: Timothy Bradley, you can’t take him lightly. He’s very strong. He’s undefeated, undefeated people are usually more resilient. He’s got a good chin and he’s very tough. He’s never been knocked out. He’s been down a couple times but he’s always gotten up. Physically, he’s very muscular and he looks the part but he’s not a big puncher. He doesn’t have great footwork. The thing is we excel in a couple places. If we fight him in the wrong style if we fight him flat footed, there will be mistakes. He needs to use his foot speed more so than his hand speed. A lot of people think Manny has [hand] speed and wins with [hand] speed but foot speed is the most important part about this fight.

Roach explains why Pacquiao decided to take this fight…
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Does Manny have anything to gain from this fight overall or is it just a place holder?
We just can’t get the big fight we want with Mayweather. We can’t get that going right now. So we have to stay active. The thing is we’re actually running out of opponents, so we gotta fight these young hungry guys coming up that are undefeated. And a lot of people think that we’re picking the wrong guy. Max Kellerman thinks that Bradley has a much better chance at winning this fight than most. But I say a good chin and muscle doesn’t really win fights, skill does. So he has to agree with with me there, but he thinks Bradley has more skill than he gets credit for. There’s a lot of knowledgeable people that think Bradley has a good shot.

**At midnight, Roach will be taking a private jet to upstate New York to meet his family and be inducted into the Boxing hall of fame. A huge honor for anbody involved in boxing. Also Info has more from her interview with Freddie Roach on the way. You won’t want to miss this. Do Roach and Mayweather have a past….**

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