I tried my best to avoid this all weekend, but now that Canibus has actually apologized, I had to take a listen. It’s pretty pitiful. Canibus was once a respected lyricist but it’s going to be hard to remember his contributions to the game after this one. The MC got butt-hurt over Cole always bigging him up but never acknowledging his current material (like the rest of the world), so he released a pitiful diss record called “J. Clone.” The worst part if it was that he had his homeboys riding always the worst beat I ever heard in my life. Well, after feeling the wrath and static from the Internets, Can-i-… released this video apology. SMH.

Listen: Canibus “J. Clone”

Read Canibus’ initial reasons for dissing Cole after the jump…

Currently, new artists such as J Cole have continuously mentioned me as their favorite artist, shouted me out in articles, magazine/online interviews, and even gone as far as starting off show sets by playing some of my earlier material to warm up the audience and give off the impression that he is real hip hop and loves real lyricism. Cole might say he does this to pay homage, but in reality, by him playing my older material owned by my former label dating back to 1998, subsequently overlooking my current works and contributions which directly benefit me now, he is treating me less like an artist that has, and continues to contribute, influence, and inspire an even younger generation of MC’s coming up, and more like an artist that has physically passed on already(i.e. Tupac, B.I.G., Big L, Heavy D, Eyeda): you get the point I’m trying to make. I can’t help but to think that he is not nearly as sincere or genuine as he would like real hip hop heads to think he is because he speaks about me like I am dead. What he is doing is underhanded and disingenuous and whether it is his idea or not, I don’t agree with his tactic and I have something to say about it.